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    We are located in southwest Florida, with a staff that has over 25 years of experience in asphalt services. We work closely with property owners, builders, property managers, home owner associations, and government municipalities to provide a seamless completion of the project at hand. We can assist you by performing an on site evaluation of your property to identify any areas of concern as well as what steps that you can take to ensure the pavements longevity. Don't wait for your parking lot to begin to dry out before you call us, since a good preventative asphalt maintenance plan can help stop erosion, cracks and pot holes to your asphalt investment. We specialize in Residential and Commercial properties. We take great pride in every project we undertake. We use our expertise and the latest asphalt maintenance equipment to get the job right, on time, the first time. We use the highest quality materials and products available which meet or exceed state and federal specifications. Don't waste your money with companies that give you a cheaper price and then dilute the product. Get it done right the first time by the experts you can trust.Click on the phone number below from your mobile phone to call us now or fill out the online free to request a free quoted evaluation today 888-901-9042

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    We understand that the words quality and quantity do not belong in the same sentence and choose to concentrate on quality rather than quantity. Our Company relies onrepeat business and referrals as it accounts for approximately 70% of our work, that is why customer satisfaction is key to our success. We understand how important your Asphalt investment is and we want to help you get the most life out of it without having to continually be dealing with costly pot holes and repairs. When properly maintained with a good sound preventive maintenance plan your pavement will last for many years to come. We have seen plenty of clients spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on new asphalt paving whether it be on roadways or parking lots and think that it was new and would last forever. This is not the case and the importance of preventive maintenance is the key to the longevity of your Asphalt products. When Asphalt is newly installed it is dark black in color and smooth. After about a year of it sitting in the hot Florida sun it will start to turn to a greyish color and you will begin to see pockets of sand building up around the parking lot. That is when the oils have all cured out causing to become dried out and brittle creating stress cracks. Once these stress cracks get larger the heavy rainfall during the rainy season will begin to penetrate the pavement causing the underlining base to erode. Not long after, voids under the pavement will form causing pot holes. To learn more about pot holes and asphalt repairs visit our repair page. This is the beginning of a severe non reversible process that will continue to degrade the integrity of your pavement. The last thing you want to do is spend thousands of dollars cutting out sections of the parking lot or roadways and replacing with new asphalt. This can all be avoided with a simple maintenance plan. We suggest to all our clients that they should seal coat the asphalt within 12-18 months of the new asphalt installation and depending on how much traffic is riding on it they should sealcoat it every 3-5 years. Its like buying a new car and not having it waxed every so often to protect the paint or not changing the oil and risking damage to the engine. This maintenance is an important part of keeping your parking lot or roads from failing and creating not only problems for driving on them but safety hazards for people walking and tripping on broken asphalt. To find out more about proper maintenance and preserving your parking lots and roadways visit our sealcoating section of this site.


    "We needed our motel parking lot sealcoated and received a few estimates. Suncoast Asphalt & Sealcoating did the project and we are very happy we decided to use them. 110% satisfied.

    - Frank & Cathy
    - HWY 17 Motel...Arcadia, FL

    "We have been using this company for the past 10 years to handle all our parking lot maintenance and any asphalt repairs. We own 4 Burger Kings and we wouldn't use anyone else."

    - Shahzad Sayed
    - Burger King... Port Charlotte, FL

    "Thank you for working around our guests and stretching the job across multiple days. I know its hard to wait until 11am checkout for our guests before you can start work. Excellent Job!!"

    Mike Patel
    - Budget Inn... North Port, FL


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